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Recommendations on LinkedIn

Level 6

Anil LaRoia (Chief of Operations, COSTA Coffee)

“Perfectionist, is a one word for Vivek. Vivek is very detailed oriented manager, he strives for excellence day in day out. His leadership and innovation gave great results. He is an asset to an organization.”

Vikas Kapoor (COO, Southern Spirit., Devyani International P Ltd)

“Vivek, is quite a hard working person, he knows his job and is very good in relation building. Very simple and down to earth. Wish him all the best in life and work.”

Rachna Sharma (Head - Sales, Devyani International Limited)

“Vivek is a STAR at Devyani !!!”

Anil Sarda (Finance Controller & Company Secretary, Devyani International Limited )

“Vivek is a very good team leader and is a fully matured person. I like his Calmness as he remains cool every time and is excellent at his work. I wish him best of luck for his career.”

Arvind Sharma (General Manager- Supply Chain, RJ Corp-Devyani International Limited)

“Vivek is a very decent professional in his field,he can go through the details very early and gives his clear opinion on the subject.He is a very good leader and knows how to get the job done.”

Anil Das (Dy.General Manager - HR, Pizza Hut)

“Met Vivek after exhausting almost all CRM candidates in Delhi/NCR. Interaction with him was a deep understanding of CRM and learned new concepts like "L.A.S.T" in customer service. A pleasing personality with Golden Heart, Vivek is a bundle of Knowledge & Innovation. He surely is an asset to any organization he commit his services to. Its a pleasure knowing person like him. I wish all success in his personal & professional endeavor.”

Lalit Bhagat (DGM- Financial Publishing, TechBooks International Pvt. Ltd)

“I found Vivek as a great project manager with aptitude to manage multiple processes very effectively. Very process oriented with capability to map customers requirement and providing them the viable business solution. Great team player and a sincere person. I wish him all the best!”

Ankit Ghai (Key Account Manager, Devyani International Limited - Pizza Hut, KFC & Costa Coffee)

“Vivek is a detail-oriented manager who watches the CRM Cell like a hawk without losing sight
of the strategic objective of optimum Customer Satisfaction & Relationship Management. He is a asset to our organization. Best of luck. Cheers! Ankit”

Seema Tripathi (Dy Mgr Training, Devyani International Ltd)

“Vivek is a humble, polite & down to earth person who knows his work well. He has been a great colleague, master of CRM & gets into the detailing of customer satisfaction index. With his support, understanding customers need becomes a cake walk. I wish him all the best for his future.”

Tirthankar Sengupta (Area Manager , Business Operations , Pizza Hut)

“Vivek is a detailed oriented person who has the entire knowledge of CRM process and customer relationship. He is excellent in Customer handling and satisfaction by resolving concerns of the Guests in a very professional way. I know Vivek and have worked with him since the last 03 years and have not seen any flaws in his job descriptions. I wish him all the best in his future for better opportunities and career advancement.”
Anjali Bhardwaj (Associate Project Manager, Aptara Corp (Techbooks International Pvt. Ltd.)

“It was a pleasure to work with Vivek. He is very professional in his approach and has the ability to remain calm in high pressure environment. He is a team player with excellent organisational skills.”

Mihir Golder (Group Leader, Techbooks)

“Vivek is a generous and cool guy. I admire his presence of mind and the way he handles situations in work place.”

Shillu Balyan (Assistant Manager- Operations, Aptara)

“Vivek is extremely good at client handling. He has immense patience to deal with even the most difficult clients and provide solutions. I wish him all the best.”

Mayank Misra (Human Resource, Devyani International P Ltd)

“Vivek has been a person who always has a positive energy towards organizational development”

Chandravanu Mohanty (Assistant Manager - CRM, Devyani International Limited (Pizza Hut& KFC )

“Good Manager”

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