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Elevate to the Next Level...!!! - Become "BEST" among EQUALS
         Strengthen Bonds - "Treat a Customer as a Guest. Treat an Employee as an Asset."

These are the two mantras Value Add Consultancy  aims to reiterate; we strongly believe & it’s a proven fact that iconic brands like TCS, Starbucks, Disney to name a few attained a cult/nirvana like stature on the strength of these two mantras. Go through their history and the two things which keep coming back to you are Customers, both internal (People) and external (Clients, Guests), who have been accorded exceptional treatment right from the inception. The founding fathers of these iconic brands were quite clear in their head about how they are going to take their organizations to such great heights, the formula was quite simple though - nurture your People and Customers alike and they will take you there.

Value Add Consultancy firmly believes that any organization who fails to nurture these two pillars, does it at its own peril. Hence, the reiteration/reinforcement. Our endeavor towards this end is not to reinvent the wheel, rather it is to reinstall/reboot what has always been there, but somehow lost in the corporate quagmire. A gentle nudge in the right direction is what we aim at.

We specialise in...

Relationship Management (Enhanced Customer and People Engagement)
Learning and Development (Behavioural and Operational Coaching)
Executional Excellence (Hospitality Operations)
Blood Bank (Set Up and Regular Operations)
Corporate Social Responsibility Activities (Giving back to the Society)

We also provide a gamut of other services like Digital Marketing, Loyalty Programmes, Mystery Shopping Programmes, MICE activities, Enhanced Marketing Initiatives, Recruitment and Payroll, Visual Merchandising, etc. via our Panel of Experts, thus making us a one-stop solution for all our clients' needs.

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